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USSSA Baseball, 11/18/2020 10:49 PM Offline 0
@ Jack Guthier what happendd to the live feed on field 6 at 1120 game
@ Chad Erickson Thanks for watching. I’ll be signing and taking pics by the cages post game.
@ Chad Erickson The other team may want to put an outfielder in the parking lot next time Erickson is up to bat
@ Chad Erickson Chad Erickson to Easton Bombsquad. Confirmed
@ Chad Erickson Didnt know they had nukes in phoenix
@ Chad Erickson Get this pitcher an L screen the next time Chad is up
@ Chad Erickson Put 1 on the board.
@ Chad Erickson Chad Erickson is so good he watches the live stream and participates in chat rooms while playing the outfield
@ Chad Erickson They should have Chad Erickson bat 1-9.
@ Chad Erickson Chad Erickson is the best slowpitch player of all time
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